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Redundancy Help for Employers

Redundancy help for employers will often be required to cure a variety of different circumstances. Initial consideration will focus on whether the situation presents a large scale redundancy exercise involving 20 or more employees, a single self-selecting position or a reduction in a team undertaking the same type of work. Where 20 or more employees at one establishment are proposed to be made redundant in a 90 day period the Company to avoid prosecution must complete form HR1, see link

For employers redundancy help to tackle the project successfully is essential. Redundancy case law is now well established and employment tribunals judging whether dismissals are fair expect to see that employers have carried out a robust exercise. Putting aside legal considerations, once completed the exercise needs to deliver the desired business model, capable of achieving future success.

redundancy help for companiesDelivering Redundancy Help for Employers

Our team has over 10 years successful experience of providing redundancy help for employers. Complaints of unfair redundancy dismissal are included within our 100% success rate of defending employers in the Employment Tribunal.

Employers seeking redundancy help can take comfort knowing that our team will be able to provide help allowing them to achieve the desired business outcome. From asking for volunteers for redundancy without losing key members of the team to targeting specific positions and ensuring that the exercise retains those employees required for the future. Our redundancy help for employers will successfully deliver all these important requirements for your business.

What to do next

We can provide redundancy help for employers on two different footings. The first, as part of our retained employment law help service. In addition to redundancy help this service includes unlimited employment law help, drafting or review of employment contracts, drafting or review of employee handbook, HR letter writing support service, Employment Tribunal representation and other services.

Alternatively, we can assist employers on an Individual project basis.

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