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Employment Law For Companies
A Comprehensive Employment Law Service for Companies

We have a proven track record of success in the delivery of a service for help with employment law for companies.
Our service includes the following areas of support:-

Unlimited UK employment law help for companies.
Custom drafted employment contracts.
Review of existing employment contracts (if applicable).
Custom drafted employee handbook.
HR letter writing support service face-to-face meetings.
Employment tribunal representation.
Qualified personal contact.
Employment newsletters.
Optional employment tribunal insurance indemnity (subject to acceptance).
Optional health and safety services.

If you are currently experiencing issues, have a claim or are looking to avoid problems then we can help.
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Employment Laww for Companies. We have been providing UK employers with employment law help and support for over 10 years.

There is no problem that we have not come up against previously, and we are always able to help and successfully resolve the issue.

Not understanding employment law stifles growth. For companies employment law certainty is essential for future prosperity. Confidence to take on difficult employment issues fairly and legally is crucial to success; we will assist your Company to achieve its goals.
For a quarterly fee clients can access our comprehensive service.

We cover all sectors and locations in the UK.  Further areas of support, such as health and safety can be added by agreement.

All Clients regardless of size or location enjoy access to their own Legal Adviser.  For Companies employment law support delivered this way ensures a consistancy of advice and a detailed understanding of your business. 

Despite not advertising each year our client base has grown.
We hope that our reputation as one of the specialists in this field has enabled our own growth to occur. We are passionate about what we do and helping our clients to achieve their goals.

Our employment law for Companies service includes, advising employers on all areas of UK employment law, drafting contracts of employment and an employment handbook, letter writing support and defending clients in employment tribunals in the UK, where we have never lost a case.. Trials have included unfair dismissal, discrimination, whistle blowing and wages claims.

For Companies employment law assistance and support can initially be accessed without charge, whereby we offer the initial consultation free of charge.
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