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Dismissal Help for Employers

Dismissal Cases

Since unfair dismissal cases are one of the more frequently invoked employment rights, being sued by an employee is therefore often at the forefront of employers minds when considering dismissal.

There are lots of activities that you would not contemplate doing, without first, taking advice. So with the financial risk of getting the dismissal wrong we consider it important to offer practical and efficient dismissal help for employers

dismissal help services for employers No Risk ?

The assumption is often made that if the qualifying service requirement isn't met by the employee then there is no risk of a claim arising from the dismissal and therefore no need to take dismissal help for employers. However, there are significant exceptions to the general rule that two years' service is required to claim unfair dismissal, and there are other claims linked to dismissal which have no qualifying service requirement

Most employers are aware that if a dismissal takes place due to discriminatory grounds it is liable to be subject to action, regardless of the employee's service length. However, there are other dismissals less known known than discrimination which are protected regardless of the employee's continuity of employment.

For example, we often receive a call for dismissal help for employers concerning an employee with only a few weeks continuous employment. During conversation with our Client they reveal that the reason for dismissal is the employee's poor attendance record, which is attributed to childcare. Not one incident, but several short absences over a period of time, causing significant disruption to the operation of the business.

Such leave is classed as 'dependent leave' and protected by employment legislation Any dismissal attributed to 'dependent leave' is automatically unfair and will include an order for the employer to pay compensation to the employee.

As part of our service we are able to advise Clients around this tricky area. More importantly dismissal help for employers is essential to protect your business; it's easy to slip up.

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